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Its strange what sorts of things could come up in regular small talks amongst close friends, but when age starts to have its kick and life takes its role then small talks would eventually turn into natural brainstorms of dreams and ideas. It didn’t take long for this process to play its part for Elang, Dyo, Oq, & Adin. Desperate was what they were during their last year of study and thus a simple idea of creating their own brand marked the beginning of JUMPER Footwear.JUMPER Footwear was created based on the passion on quality footwear and the ever demanding market. This passion became an obsession and this obsession became a vision. Our products are made with the finest materials taken from the best suppliers in Indonesia.

Countless hours of trial and error have been spent for the perfection of our products. But we at JUMPER enjoy every step of the process especially considering the fact that we are working with the best artists in the industry. We want every single one of our customers to feel the passion and effort that had been put into the making of our products. That is why by all means, wear your shoes! By wearing them we mean use them everywhere you go. Ride a bicycle, take a hike, go to a concert, sky diving, go on a date, and wherever your passion takes you. Our passion is your passion. This is JUMPER Footwear.