Art de vivre is a french idiom which means the art of living. As we all know, French women do have their allure which always attract everyone around them. What is it that makes them attractive, anyway? Well, some people say, French women don’t give a damn. But, is it true that they don’t give a damn, literally?

In the book “What French Women Know” by Debra Ollivier, it shown that French women do enjoy life to the limit. Not by controlling  everything, so that every part of their life go according to their precise plan. But by enjoying every bit, and it means every ups and downs, of their life. Be late for something, drink a little too much with their spouses from time to time, letting go a little bit. “They understand that the universe will not implode without their constant attention.”, Debra said in her book.

So, like what French women do, let’s start enjoying ourselves and our life! Stop worrying about things that might only happen in our mind. Start to enjoy both good and bad days. Start to have a little me-time in between our insane schedule. Start our day by doing crazy things with our loved one anytime we could, and it means do not only do special things on special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. End our work a little early once in a while so we could rush to the nearest spot where we could enjoy watching the color of twilight’s sky just before the city light begins to appear with our loved one. Just so, we could enjoy our day by day, and not only complaining about the bad stuff.

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It is important to have a me-time. In our hectic life, we often forget this one important thing! People love to talk with ones who are knowledgeable, right? So, be the one!

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Wake up early once in a while! Go dress up and grab a cup of coffee, or maybe simply making one by ourselves, plus write quote on it which will lighten your loved one’s day! Give them a cup of coffee full of love and ourselves as a little morning gift, a little art de vivre

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Go home a little earlier? It is so no problem! Spend some quality times in-between your crazy daily schedule is not a sin! It is important to keep our relationship between our loved one going well even when we’re so busy with works!

“Well, art de vivre is what makes life worth living with all of its pernicious complexities” Debra Ollivier said. Simply to say, let’s enjoy the art of living. 

Written by Valonia Irene