“I walked into the room dripping in gold, yea dripping in gold. A wave of heads did turn, or so I’ve been told.” Well, I guess some of you might be familiar with that lyric. Yes right! That is a line from Flight Facilities song titled “Crave You”. Hmmm can you imagine a girl walked into a room in a gold dress? No wonder she will catch the spotlight! But wait, it doesn’t have to be gold! You could also simply catch the spotlight with this season color trend, fluorescence! 

Fluorescence is all about vibrant, bold, and eye catching color. Neon yellow, bright orange, eye catching green, are you bold enough to wear this bold color? Well, I’m afraid you have to say yes! Because you are absolutely will have no excuses to not catch the spotlight with fluorescence outfit once you know how to make it simply adorable! First, let’s learn from some of the street style from London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week below:

To make it simply adorable, you should make your fluorescence outfit as the center of attention! Pair your neon outfit with monochrome color is one way to make it works.

Wearing a dress in fluorescence tone is never too much, believe me! All you have to do is choose a dress with vibrant color but simple cutting. Next, you have to make the dress as the center of attention and keep simple of everything aside from that. 

 Not in the mood to play? You could always, always keep stealing the attention! Try to wear this very simple outfit like denim on denim, and maximize your charm by adding a little vibrant color to the detail. Shoes in neon yellow, or satchel bag in bright orange? Be ready to welcome a wave of heads that will turn on you!

Now you ready to catch the spotlight with fluorescence trend? Luckily we have bunch of choices from Localbrand.co.id! All you have to do is browse through its web and find the perfect vibrant outfit which suit you well. Here are some of vibrant outfit which will absolutely steal every attention!

Valerie Top Neon by Djody, try to combine it with monochrome outfit!

Short Side Dress by Kidnapped Ally, put a simple shoes and accessories and you will rock it!

Jelly Glow in The Dark Shoes by Parkitchung, a simple everyday outfit will be extraordinary with this shoes!

Written by Valonia Irene