We used to hear a wise man said that “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. Is it true? Well, if it so then, why don’t we dazzle while we still have the chance to shine?

We know that everything in life is temporary. Because our life is moving in an up and down curve. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we failed, sometimes we’re happy, and the next time we’re disappointed. And so with the weather going on around us, after the rain will come the rainbow. But after it all, it might be possible that rain will come again, or even storm. 

So, let’s enjoy every little things to the fullest! Because every moment wont stay as long as we wish it would. Who knows what’s gonna happen next? Now let’s start with your positive and bright character. And to be a bright lady with a positive character, you could start from how you dress. To be someone who could radiates both their self and people around them, you should be smart and confident. And gold is the perfect color which represent this character! So, why don’t we try to dress up in gold? Be dazzle and sparkle!


Look at our lovely girl, Jennifer Lawrence, the winner of Golden Globe 2013 Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, wearing  Ralph Lauren gold gown! By wearing  this gown, she already radiates us with her positive energy. No wonder, she is a winner! Dare to dress like this and be a winner, anyway?

Don’t want to try that? You could still try this! A simple yet sophisticated gold skirt from Lashka which is available at LocalBrand.co.id. Hanging out with friends, go to work, or attending a class, you still could look simply sparkling by wearing this skirt!

Or for those of you who love accessories and want to try to give a little shiny and lovable gold to your appearance, this is perfect! A collar necklace in dirty gold from His Daughter available at LocalBrand.co.id. Simple yet, it could boost your mood way up to the sky! Positive energy will radiates you and people around you from the very first time you wear it. Well, keep the gold in your hand!

So yes, it is true that nothing gold can stay. But who says we can’t keep what is gold coming back again and again and again? By having a positive characteristic you know you can earn your gold as much as you want ;)

Written by Valonia Irene