Young ladies, in the last decade, easily get confused when they face the “work routine” because they are not familiar and comfortable enough with their own job, partners, or even their daily outfit that they have to wear to the offices. Young ladies pretty much know how to do good make-up and fabulous dress-up while the offices commonly forbid the workers to do “too much” make-up and dress-up, especially for ladies. Gradually those plenty of “puzzled-young-ladies” do not know how to dress-up properly to the offices because usually when they go to the campus, they probably just put on the casual and simple outfit, and no one will admonish the way they dress up.

So, how to do good dress-up in suits in order to be in the proper outfit to the offices? Let’s check out the outstanding and maverick Hollywood celebrity and fashionista, Victoria Beckham! Steal some of her style here:

  1. Put on the Black and White fashionably.

Fresh graduates are usually asked to wear the black and white outfit as a trainee and everyone knows that it will be a super boring period to wear the same outfit color everyday. So, how to trick it to be fashionable?

You simply pick out your loose white shirt like Victoria Beckham did in the picture. There are plenty of trendy white shirt nowadays, so mix and match it with your skinny black pants maybe, or you are recommended to mix and match the loose white shirt with black flare pants. Black high heels; peep toe or stiletto, will make you more fabulous. Big clutch in every color is also recommended to be the partner of black and white outfit.

  1. Tie your hair up when you wear the black blazer.

Pretty young ladies, if you have long hair and you think that it is cool to just let your hair down, you are wrong. Get your hair tied up messily will be perfect! You will look sexier. By wearing super cute glasses will also complete your perfect look. You may see how sexy VB is in the picture, by letting her hair tied up, wearing blazer, skinny pants, stiletto and big sunglasses. And the most essential thing is, she walks like a boss, you know! Confidence is needed here.

  1. Black bag is a must have item.

In “working world”, black bag is a must have item. No matter what your outfit is, black bag will be your best friend later on because it is matching with every single color that you pick. Formal or casual, black bag is highly recommended. You may try it from now actually

  1. Dress + Cardigan + Nude Heels is simply gorgeous.

“Working outfit” is not only like what young ladies imagine. It is not only suits; blazer and pants, but it can be also a gorgeous dress. You may try to wear long dress like what VB wore in the picture. Tartan pattern, or polkadots, or one-tone color dress, or every kind of dress will be great. You just need to mix and match it with formal belt and cardigan. Nude heels are also recommended to be one of the partner of the dress outfit to work.

However, basically, after some points that have been mentioned above, confidence is actually one of the most essential thing in dressing-up. Dressing-up with the most fabulous working outfit like Victoria Beckham does will be in vain if you do not wear it as confident as her. So, be smart in choosing your style and be confident, pretty young ladies! Be the suit master like Victoria Beckham! Happy trying!

 Written by Eva Silviana