Not every man could remain as the one-of-a-kind throughout history. But when it’s been almost six decades since her death, Frida Kahlo seems to be more alive each day. The painting of this Mexican surrealist made more money than any other female artist. Frida Kahlo’s work is best known for its vibrant colors, its pain and passion and the intensity.

“I paint my self because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” That was what she said about her paintings which most of it consist of her self’s portraits. Suffered with chronic excruciating pain from her childhood polio and an accident she had at her teenage year, most of her works represent her pain, she painted herself from the inside out. A local critic once wrote about Frida’s first solo exhibition at Mexico, “It is impossible to separate the life and work of this extraordinary person. Her paintings are her biography.”

As you could imagine then, despite the pain she suffered, she fully understand and believes in herself. She knows what she feels and what she wants. No wonder that she also express herself in her inimitable fashion style.

Her signature style which consist of regional tehuana dresses, huipil blouses, skirts, unique headdress and accessories could even become high end designer’s inspiration until international magazine editorial photoshoot’s theme now days, almost six decades after she gone. Even her corsets which she had to wear to support her broken spinal column, could inspire designer such as Jean Paul Gaultier. Again, not every man could be such a history and an inspiration in such a huge scale!

Above are Frida’s personal dresses, Below are Frida’s corsets and prosthesis. Both are displayed at an exhibition at her museum. 

(From left – right): Amica Magazine May 2013, Singles Korea April 2012, and DV Mode Magazine.

Have you realized now how much effect this one and only Frida brings not only into her surroundings but also into all places around the globe? She might be suffered from several pains during her life, but those pains had made her living her life to the fullest. If one can bring such a great effect like this, this one must be an extraordinary person. Her passion, her beliefs in herself, her ability to look deep inside and shows it outside, have all made this Frida effect even still works, long after she gone. Guess if we want to have an effect into the world like what Frida did, we got to be as incredible as her first, maybe?

Written by Valonia Irene