Why do you dress up? Who do you dress up for? What will be your answer for those two questions? Well, some people will say they dressed up for an evening party, gala dinner, or to watch some line’s fashion show.

But, have you ever think, that most of our time were spent for work. And how it will be such a waste if we don’t dressed up well for most of our time. So here we are, we love our work, which means when we’re passionate in what we’re doing, don’t you think that it will be completely complete if we enjoy ourselves to the limit?

How is that supposed to happen? Well, have you ever try to dress up in colorless outfit when you are going to go to work?

Black, white, grey, and brown. Some people might think that those are not a good color to choose because they are boring. But wait! You can even be colorful in colorless outfit! Whatever your job is;  photographer, business professional, magazine journalist, stylist, fashion line owner, or even engineer, you got to try these combination of dressing up, and boom! You will be absolutely irresistible!

1.      Try to look for outfits that suits your job with this combination of color: black, white, grey, or brown.

2.      Try to mixing and matching those outfits and try to get the best color combination.

3.      Make sure it suits your job well and are comfortable enough to wear to work.

4.      Make sure your outfit could show how your personality is from the very first time people glance at you.

5.      Add one spoonful of confidence and one spoonful of passion into it.

6.      And, tadaaa! You will be absolutely irresistible!

That is really an easy way to make colorless outfit become colorful! There are two things that could make even a colorless outfit become colorful. What are they? Well, it’s passion and personality. When you dressed up in a colorless outfit, but you add your passion and personality, your outfit will reflect those two strong ingredients. And guess how the result is? Of course, it will be colorful and undeniably tempting!

So, now do you want to try this way of dressing up? Because working with passion and a perfect working outfit in black, white, grey, or brown is a total combo!

Written by Valonia Irene