First launched in 2011, Chain Reaction is an Indonesian jewelry line with intricate hand work pieces and artisan touch. The name Chain Reaction was specially picked to highlight the basic element behind each design – the chain. It is also hoped that this will indeed create a chain reaction of styles and looks true to its name. Every piece of Chain Reaction’s jewelry is handmade and created to be simple dan versatile. Each comes with that classy yet raw, twisted edginess.

A pair of handmade drop earrings by Chain Reaction to complemet your daily look. Featuring copper earrings. Rhodium chain and wire embellishment

Bahan :

- Copper earrings, faux pearls and resin embellishment

Cara Perawatan :

- store individually out of open air. Avoid contact with liquid / chemicals

Indonesia Reguler Shipping :
Java Island : 2-4 Days
Other Island : 4-7 Days

Indonesia Express Shipping :
Java Island : 1-2 Days
Other Island : 2-4 Days